Saturday, 31 January 2009

Super Mega Aero Tuck

Well now. The first Time Trial of the season loometh large. Occured to me this morning that I really should try out the new bike before racing it. Hadn't even turned a pedal on it afore this morning.

Swooshed down to Coulsdon South Station to join my club mates. Very first impression, the bike is smoooooooth, way smoother than the rider.

Plan was just to do a few miles to get the feel of the thing and check it all works. Went out with the 18mph group and sorry folks, just couldn't resist putting the pedal down after the first roundabout. Bad form I know, sorry.

So I'm zooming along the A23 thinking, I like this bike. And I can't help but feel I'm getting more and more aero. Super Mega Aero in fact. Then it hit me, the handlebars weren't quite tight enough and they were slowly, steadily, dropping.

Ah well it was fun while it lasted and I guess mission accomplished. Back home to tighten some nuts eh finbarr?


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