Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Riding Like a Giant

Well it's been a looooong cake fuelled break but after seeing the temperature hold above freezing on Sunday and forecast for the same today, I steeled myself for the return of commutopia. Basically it's the jolly ole Kingston Wheelers Sporting TT on Feb 8th and if I want to finish it the same day I start I need to get me ar5e in gear.

Off I shot on my mtb complete with skinny tyres pannier rack. I was carrying a laptop, shoes, books, shirt, towel, loads of stuff. Laden down like a pack mule, good training. First couple of miles are down hill so it's a cold ish start and the damp conditions me no like either. Anyhoo, once I got to Mitcham I'm gettin into it and starting to work pretty hard.

The longer the ride goes on the harder I go. It's a zen like day and almost all the lights are green so I'm getting to work and getting a work out too. The nearer I get to Central London the more I go mashing along. Wow!! I've missed this (though I did like all that cake) and I'm belting round the Elephant and Castle, whizzing up towards Southwark Bridge. Pedal pedal pedal, almost feels like I'm getting bigger as I go at it hammer and tongs. Knees, feet, all a blur, bigger bigger.

Crawling all over the bike I go past St Pauls and then before I know it I swoop off the road and into the underground car park. Slap! My feet go down on the floor as I stop to get my ID out for the security dude. 'ang on a minute.....feet flat on the floor. Whassat all about? I jump off the bike. My seatpost has slowly disappeared into the bike as I've gone tear arseing along. Not much blimmin wonder I felt so giant like - the bike was shrinking

Great ride, and a nice whizz home too.


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