Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Secret Weapons

Well now....

My bike now has a nice shiny new rear mech which matches the number of gears I have (ain't technology great?). Thanks to the good folk at Geoffrey Butlers Cycles for fixing me up. Also - I'm borrowing a nice time triallers saddle which, unlike my old saddle, isn't made out of broken glass and rusty nails.

I had a good workout this morning doing five intervals of five minutes each with three minute rests in between. Final interval was at an average speed of 27.1mph on a 53x16 with the turbo snoozer set to 5/6. Evil!!

I'm looking forward to this Saturday's race. My first 10 miler of the season. Last year I PB'd at 27.37. The winter training means I'm hoping for much better things. With a handicap of 6 minutes.....who knows, I might even sneak a prize? That would be great but if the weather is good it's a big PB I'm aiming for. Target is 24minutes 30, stretch is sub 24.

Bring it on.


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Ade Merckx, said...

Cool, how you enjoing those 5 x 5min VO2max intervals Snoop? Personally I hate em, give me 2 x20's any day. Sadly I need to do the 5 x 5's for a stage race at the beginning of July so I got no choice :-( Good Luck at the SCCU on Sat :-)