Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Back on the Hamster Wheel

With no race this weekend, it's back to the torture chamber for me.

Got up as dawn was breaking and then proceeded to break myself. This is my first non racing weekend for a while so I need to be putting in some serious interval sessions to keep pushing myself. Plan for today was a 2x20minutes averaging 25mph with a 10 minute rest in the middle.

Warmed up for 10 minutes then off I go. Started easy, as if I was racing, but soon had the tempo up. I'm working on 53 x 16 (teeth on the cogs) and the turbo is set to 5 out of 6. I've not done a 2x20 for a while and I'd forgotten how much they hurt. When I race I concentrate on breathing - keeping it controlled. I'm not able to marry that control with the speed I need on the turbo so I end up dissolving into a pool of sweat, heart pumping at 96% of max, legs a blur.

So how did I get on? Not too good I'm afraid. I managed the first session and got the average speed to 24.9mph. Second session was awful and I bailed after ten minutes with an average of 25mph. My rate of perceived effort rose to around 9.5 for the first interval. The second started at 9 and quickly got worse.

I'll find some time to train again this weekend so I'm sure I'll be back in the swing of things before long. I guess the moral to this story is - make sure I've got a race every weekend!

Cheers - Snoop

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