Thursday, 29 May 2008

How did I get a 6 Minute Handicap for a 10 Mile Race?

One of my cycling colleagues asked me this morning....

Good question. Please let me explain.

Handicaps are based on previous performances. My track record over 10 miles (nay any distance) is simply not good. 29.26, 28.27, 29.29, 28.52, 28.20, 27.37. Y'see.

Short history lesson. I started this TT lark in 2004, I did a 10 in 29.26.

In 2006 I did 5 TTs. Two of those 10 times shown above plus three 25s at 1.17.46, 1.14.06 and 1.14.41.

In 2007 I decided to up my game. I did this to push myself a bit, to make a contribution to the Rawson Shield and to prove to anyone in the club that this sport is accessible. I wanted to see more people breaking into TTing and I thought I should lead by example. So, with no training I did ten TTs including a DNF, four 10s, two 25s, a 50, a 100 and the Bec hill climb. So what? I helped to bring home the Rawson Shield - along with a host of others of course. I achieved things I previously thought unachievable. I encouraged/cajoled folk to have a go. From a personal perspective I got a place in the SCCU Best All Rounder. To earn this you need to complete qualifying events at 25, 50 and 100. Yes - it was last place but I did it, only 20 other riders in the whole of the SCCU managed this.

Richv encouraged me to do the 100 and I've not forgiven him since.

So - this winter just gone with Richv's help and patience in the coaching dept. I began some training. I started the season with a PB of 1.11.10 over 25 miles. So far I've got that down to 1.04.50.

Now, after four stuttering years, I am no longer the guy who turns up to make everyone else look fast . Health permitting I know I'm going to make huge improvements this year. I also know that my passion for including more and more people into this aspect of cycling is brighter than ever before. If I can squeeze the odd handicap prize along the way, well that's what they're there for innit?

Let's go racing.


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