Saturday, 17 May 2008

Hard work - and a great result

Y'all - I'll keep this (mercifully) brief.

I've been in training over Winter. Nothing too mad, just a couple of hard sessions a week on the static trainer plus a ride at the weekend. Honestly, it's been boring. I keep a training diary and I check in with my coach once a week. Without him I'm almost certain the programme would have been shelved.

The time trialling season is now a few weeks old - so how goes it?

Well - last year I finished off doing a 25 mile time trial in 1.11.10 which was an improvement on my previous best by 2min 54 sec. I was happy with that. This year I had a short term goal to get under 1 hour 10 by end of May.

So far this year:

April 20th - 25 mile TT in 1.10.15
April 27th - 25 mile TT in 1.08.32
May 11th - 25 mile TT in 1.04.50

I am flying, and suffering too. The pain I'm having to manage is new for me and I pushed myself very hard last weekend. At work on the Monday I gave everyone a good laugh as I hobbled around like a 150 year old.

Hope you are all well, and remember, I'm doing the hurting so you don't need to (somebody get me a doctor.....)

Cheers - Snoop

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