Friday, 3 April 2009

You Gotta Love it!

After a very well structured stretching session @ camp Pilates last Wednesday, I've been raring to stretch my legs on the bike. I picked up a sore back in the East Surrey Hardriders a few weeks ago, caused in part by some pretty shoddy bike set up work at Dauphins Cycles. They are helping me to put things right, but I wish I didn't ache so much. Anyway, double nurofen for breakfast and I'm off to play with the traffic. Took the road bike and travelled very light.

Bare knees for the first time in 09 and I could feel the chill air. I took it fairly easy but couldn't resist a few wind up and go moments, particularly when coming down the outside to get first off from the lights (always on green of course). I had a hairy moment coming into Brixton when a kind lady overtook me and immediately turned left, cut me out completely. Had a few tight squeezes in width restrictions too. Hit a pot hole somewhere en route and heard my rear light disintegrate and scatter across the A23. No time to stop, it would've been smushed anyway.

So - quite a scary ride. Having showered, I'm sitting here in the office finishing my coffee wondering, should I have taken the train? You're kidding right? There's no two ways about it, when it ain't raining, cycling's the only way to commute.

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