Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Anarchy in the UK (well...kind of)

Last Saturday I turned up for my first club run since England last won the football word cup. I was on time, woohoo. There were a handful of folk at the station at 9, can't normally be like that, surely not. I mean, we got a note reminding us of start times barely a month ago. Personally I'm more in favour of complete anarchy than a half arsed attempt to set some direction and then not follow yer own instructions. So, after a lovely natter with a few mates I started to feel the cold and damp and headed off, on me tod, at 9.17.

Now when I say anarchy, I mean hard core anarchy. Y'see 9.17 is one minute after the 19 mph group is due to leave and 2 minutes before the 18s set off. There was no way I was gonna manage 18 and a bit mph average. D'you see what I did there. I broke the rules, well no one seemed to mind.

I then declared myself Chief Overlord of the C training group. I was elected unopposed and the feeling of power was awesome. I whizzed along to Reigate, getting caught by those renegades calling themselves the Training Group just as we entered town. We shared a few pleasantries, and tho I knew I could have the lot of 'em, I let 'em go. I was still feeling anarchic y'see.

On into the wilds of Surrey. I had a fantastic ride, digging in for some hard work at times and just enjoying myself, the scenery and the drizzle were nice too. I hit the caff with a 17.3mph average (do we have a departure time for 17.3 group??) and snarfed a bacon sarnie. Jon Avery and I then exchanged stories about food poisoning (him) and eating fish 9 days after it's eat by date (me - more anarchy - I just can't help meself). Time was ticking on and four of us decided to head fer the hills.

We had a cool ride back through the lanes, at one point Adrian went so fast his computer exploded off his bike in pure admiration. I was feeling good so went for it at the golf course rise. I reckon I went up there better than a drug fuelled pro cycling monkey, must've been that 7.something% beer I had last night. Avery caught me at the top, grrr. We had a quick regroup @ the church, a mere 30 sec separating us all. Off again, up and over Gatton Point and then the Merstham drag. I couldn't help myself and shot off the front again. I burned my remaining matches (see I do read the race reports) and hoofed up the drag pretty sharpish. I hit what I reckoned to be the finish and backed off. That damn Cornish Pirate came past me again and I was fresh out of Swan Vestas.

Down into Coulsdon then a blast up the steep hill to Wallyville. I managed the home leg in 16.3 average which I was pretty happy with considering the terrain. Heart rate maxed at 179, not bad for an auld get like me.

Great fun, I'm never leaving on time again :)

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