Friday, 10 April 2009

Tip top titfer

La famille de Snoopington took the train & bus to South Ken and went to the Victoria & Albert museum today. Visited the World Fair section, beautiful wineglasses, dainty kids shoes. The ironwork section, examined some fascinating puzzle padlocks and enjoyed some biscuit tin frippery, went to the fashion dept, really poor punk outfit, mine were better. Then we hooked up with a couple of mates and went to a tip top titfer exhibition. Had to pay a fiver a head (wa wa waaaaa) for that but well worth it. Beautiful millinery, fun, exciting, colourful.

Quick whizz on da tube to Piccadilly, where we hunted down Yoshino. It's on Piccadilly Lane. Blimmin wonderful. Amongst other things we had: tuna, Salmon, mackerel nigiri (the mackerel was just spot on). Avocado rolls, eel and cucumber rolls and prawn tempura rolls, all at the top of their game. Mahi Mahi tempura (woohoo), sweet potato tempura, mmmm. Edamame, miso soup. Tuna carpaccio (oh boy), spinach with sesame dressing (droool). Kirin Ichiban beer x 2. One of the best sushi feasts I've ever had, under £20 per head for central London. Does it ev'ry time. If you like japanese food, there was loads on the menu we didn't get to - go, try, enjoy.

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