Monday, 23 March 2009

Tree Hugging is Good For You!

It's true folks:

• Asthma rates for children fall 25% for every extra 350 trees per sq km.

• Money for a new Heathrow runway could provide 22m street trees.

• 1,000 new parks could help avoid 74,000 tonnes of carbon a year.

• For every 5% of tree cover added, water run-off is reduced 2%.

• A treeless street is 5.5C (10F) warmer than a tree-lined one in hot summers.

• Property in treeless streets is worth 18% less than buildings in roads that have trees.

So what are you waiting for, get planting and if you've already planted, get hugging :)

1 comment:

Phynbarr said...

Blow the hugging bit, trees are good for you!

Liked the stat about asthma, I hadn't heard that before. It encourages me to keep up the planting.

Have you read a book entitled "The man who planted trees?"