Sunday, 22 March 2009

Goodbye Keith

The Addiscombe Cycling Club lost one of its oldest members when Keith Wawman died earlier this week. There were loads of team ACC out racing this weekend all of us keen to pay our respects in some way.

My long road back to some kind of form continued at the Southern Counties Sporting 10 miler down at Oakwoodhill. It was a sunny day and so I warmed up by riding round the course to have a look-see. Beautiful countryside, draggy course. Took me 40 minutes to spin round, I reckoned I could manage 33 minutes against the clock.

The course is an upside down figure of eight starting with a nice 3 mile loop followed by a drag up the A29 then more country lanes. I’d fashioned a black armband from some ribbon tied round my arm several times then tied off and tucked under itself. At the start of the race it looked reasonably tidy. After 2 miles, the ends had worked themselves loose and were flapping about, doubtless causing huge amounts of drag. I kept faffing with the armband and as I did so I imagined Keith laughing about it. So, I left it tied on and whipping around in the wind.

The small loop ends with a sharp downhill which I wasn’t keen on, then up the other side (that’s better) and on to the A29 and a headwind. I passed the 5 miles to go mark at 16 minutes. Hmm. Better revise my target a bit, I can manage 32 minutes surely.

Once off the main drag I pushed on along the lanes, enjoying myself more than my limited fitness should have let me. Twisting and turning I could’ve sworn I was getting a wee push at times. I finished in 31.14. I used a Garmin for the first time this season. My heart rate averaged 165bpm and I topped out at 180. So, still nowhere near fit enough but I worked hard today. An enjoyable ride and a nice way to say see ya to Keith.

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