Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Peer Group Pressure

I'm not happy, not happy at all. After yesterday's fashion tomfoolery I had a moment of weakness this morning. Train again, still nursing myself towards the racing weekend. Paul Smith suit on (Ted Baker yesterday if you're interested) and there I am in front of the shoe cupboard. I reach for the trainers. Scruffy though they may be, these trainers were chosen for me by a specialist who filmed me running and walking before making their recommendation. These trainers are a good fit, supportive. And scruffy.

I bottled it and at the last second, veered towards a pair of black and grey Fly shoes. Fashionable, more suitable, visually at least. I slipped them on and off I went. 2.5 miles later I'm sitting at my desk regretting my weakness, feeling very sore again. Fashion is fine, but when you're not quite 100% fitted comfort wins every time. I'm sticking to my guns in future.


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snoopdoug said...

That's a laugh. Yonks after I write this the good people @ Fly Shoes completely miss the point and try to sell me more stuff. Missed by a mile