Monday, 22 December 2008

What do a great customer experience, finance and happy accidents have in common?

I hope you won't be surprised to's cycling (well duhhh).

As you know, I commute by bike into London when I can. Well today, I had to resort to the train (booo).

When I got to the station the newspaper guy spotted me coming and already had my paper ready. I haven't seen him for weeks. That proactive service gave us a few seconds to talk. We talked about working over Christmas, he suggested I cycle in on the days he is closed (well he can't sell me a paper when he's not open). We wished each other a Happy Christmas. I also bought two other things (unplanned). Good work newspaper guy.

I saw this letter in The Independent a while back:

"For Sale. Economic cycle. Stabilisers fitted. Quick release wheels. Derailleur gearing." Sent in by Rod Danton of Wingham, Kent. Hilarious!!

On a recent ride into work, my bike picked up a piece of glass and pssssss, bye bye front tyre. Changed the tube and carried on. Result was I arrived at work about 20 minutes later then planned. As I walked into the office in my finest lycra wear, who should I bump into?? None other than triple Beijing Olympic gold medal winner and hero of mine, Chris Hoy!! I came over all starstruck as we talked all too briefly. If I hadn't caught that flat, I'd have missed him. Best puncture I ever had.

Cheers - Snoop

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Ade Merckx, said...

Now that was a seriously cool puncture.