Saturday, 13 December 2008

Sensory Overload

The Snoop family took another visit to the Tate Modern last Thursday night, this time to see the Mark Rothko and Cildo Meireles exhibitions.

Tate Modern is such an exciting place to visit, right from the moment you set foot into the vastness of the Turbine Hall you just know something exciting awaits. Last night was no exception.

Mark Rothko once stated "If a thing is worth doing once, it is worth doing over and over again - exploring it, probing it, demanding by its repetition that the public look at it." I think we all know how that feels. For me, it's about translating the monotony of each and every pedal stroke into a fluid, collaborative series of motions building to a flat out crescendo at the finish of the time trial. What does it mean to you?

The nature of Rothko's comment feels almost like his undoing? So many have since imitated his bold, powerful style that on first look, I couldn't help but think "what's all the fuss about?" These vast blocks of colour felt quite remote, although some of the combinations of orange and red vibrated and stood out from the crowd. I confess I had to work hard to overcome my prejudice before enjoying the scale of his later work. Rothko exhibition is on until February 1 2009.

I had no prior knowledge of Cildo Meireles. What an immersive experience. Meireles work is highly interactive and we are encouraged to literally enter into the pieces. About his work, Cildo says "My work aspires to a condition of density, great simplicity, directness, openness of language and interaction." We had loads of fun exploring and playing with this exhibition. Rolling balls across the floor, balancing stuff, crunching glass beneath our feet, rustling through a forest of plastic rulers whilst endless clocks ticked away. We marvelled at a huge sculpture of radios, hissing and playing hypnotically. We lost ourselves in a red living room and we wished it was ours.

For us, Cildo was the star of the show. His exhibition is only on until January 11, so if you have some time over Christmas, why not pay a visit? Great fun.

Cheers - Snoop

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