Thursday, 23 July 2009

Remnants of Romance

Hippy the Hippo and Hugger the Bear had a date round our place earlier today. It didn't work out too well as Hippy has gone home and Hugger went to bed, softly crying. I'm not sure why love didn't blossom, for sure it can't have been the dinner.
The flowers were hand picked from the garden. What was on the hand written menu?
Pasta, Lazana, Spageti, Salard, Rise + Chicken, Lobster, Lamb-chap, meringue ice-creem, Yogaut Drink
I spied the waiter's pad. They ordered Two meedem porshens of lobster and meringue ice creem.
I'm lost. I have no idea why they are not still together, have you?

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Rev. Chillmoister said...

ah yes ...affairs of the heart ...never to be second guessed. as the Bard once wrote:

One fire burns out another's burning,
One pain is lessen'd by another's anguish.