Friday, 5 June 2009

Excuse for Ice Cream

I finally got a resolution to the Battery Farm issue, they posted me a new phone. So, I had to return the old one. To be fair they did offer to collect but I didn't fancy a day in waiting...

I rode to the post office. Then, goods duly dispatched, I pushed on. Pootled out to Nonsuch Park and hoofed round that a couple of times. Both circuits took me near to the caff. It had some kind of people magnet thing going on and so second time around I found myself helplessly in the queue for an ice cream. The ice cream server would only let me choose one flavour, despite the fact I got two scoops, weird. Anyhoo, I went for mint with chocolate bits in. It was lovely.
I whizzed home, stopping off to collect K who had been playing at a friends house after school. She was pleased to see me but no too pleased that I'd had one of her favourite flavours of ice cream without her.
1 ice cream, 14.2 miles, average speed 12.2 mph. My computer says I hit 32.6 mph max but I think it's fibbing, I was in shade/under trees a while, jolly old satellite must've confused me with a pigeon or something.

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