Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Security Breach

Ring ring it's 7am, move yourself to go again...

I'd been awake since 6, watching and waiting for the alarm. It didn't disappoint.

I could feel my spidey sense tingling, why?

Breakfast passed without incident, then it was time to ready K for school. After tooth brushing fun I flung open the curtains.

Sirens blared, security lights whirled and flashed. Holy rodents Batman, the guinea pig hutch front door was open wider than Gordon Brown's mouth after reading Hazel Blear's monthly expenses!

Quickly I adopted stealth mode and made for the bedroom door, signalling to Mrs Snoop to contain the situation whilst I checked the perimeter. As I ran downstairs, three at a time (Bond would've been proud), I thought of the possibilities...

1 - a fox has been in. This is gonna be messy
2 - weather related door openage. If this were the case I expected to find the two girls cowering safely in the back, they're none too brave y'know.

I was outside, up the garden steps in a single bound, I could see the sleeping compartment was empty, o crap. At the hutch. Phew! I can see two live ones - all clear.

I turned to the house. In true security stylee Mrs Snoop had redrawn the curtains.

Silence in the garden. All clear, all accounted for.

Note to self: Hutch needs a new door catch.

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