Friday, 5 September 2008

Gotta Getaway

Wow! The family Snoop has just left Southern California, in more or less the same shape as we found it. What did we see...?

Well we barely saw the Olympics . What little coverage there was centred on how the USA were winning the medal race. They are the only country I've ever been to who count total medal haul before golds.....strange? I did see (local Carshalton girl) Romero win gold, yee harr!!

On the business news, China was always referred to as Communist China. Sitting over there, taking our jobs type stylee.

LA on sea (Santa Monica) very nice, had a very enjoyable time riding a laid back bike with Keira on a tag along up and down the beach (even went under the boardwalk). Keira was ultra competitive and pedalled like fury to ensure we weren't overtaken. Motovational promises of medals and other glories were constantly being shouted to me from my energetic co rider.

Hollywood dirty and unpleasant, just as expected then.

Joshua Tree National Park great fun - hotter then the inside of a pizza oven, didn't smell as nice tho. We did a 1 mile hike (ha ha ) quite enough in 120+ temp thank you. Keira was elevated to the status of Junior Ranger, badge, sticker, the whole shebang.

San Diego - great city. Zoo is fabulous, Seaworld is great fun tho slathered with pure USA cheez which makes you want to barf if you do anything but ignore it. We didn't get to see Balboa Park so.....we have a reason to return.

Disneyland was the big finalé. Park cynicysm at front desk, enter and enjoy. Two days spent having a real blast on some monster rides.

I haven't been Stateside for a few years. How the hell did America get so fat...? I know I'm not exactly Mr Matchstick Trim but jeez, I was shocked at how many people are so grossly (in every sense) overweight. It quite gave me the heebie jeebies don't you know.

Fantastic trip, glad to be back to the cold weather. Got bike fittings booked in for next couple of weekends to cheer me up. Hope you enjoyed Summer as much as we did.