Friday, 12 September 2008

The Commutopia Experiment

For the first time since I was knee high to a Raleigh Pavemaster, I recently commuted to work two days running.

Door to door the train takes me around 1hr 35 mins each way, the bike takes around 54 mins in and 1hr 5 mins on the way back. Saving a bit of time, and a bit of money, keeping the legs spinning.

It’s jolly good fun and blimey, you need eyes in the front, side, back, top and bottom of yer noggin on these London commutes. Certainly keeps you focused.

I'm really surprised just how many cyclists whizz through red lights on the commute into town. And I got undertaken a few times in a most unsafe fashion by fellow cyclists. Based on my non scientific non extensive research I reckon mini cab drivers are about the worst closely followed by cyclists. Based on what I’m seeing I can see why we get such a bad rap from other road users. I saw the ole bill pull a rider over today for jumping a red, he he.

It's quite a logistical challenge getting towels, clothes and all the gubbins in/out and I can only manage this stuff when I have a few days in town on the trot as I'm not willing to lug my laptop around on me back.

Still, so far I likes it and will try to do this as often as I can.


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