Saturday, 7 June 2008

Punk, Piano and Papayas

It's been a beautiful sunny morning with a light breeze. Perfect cycling weather. Looking back at my lawn laying exploits last Saturday and still feeling the pain I'm gazing out of the window feeling frustrated. I've been taking paracetamol and ibuprofen like smarties all week and I continue to hobble around. My fault, lesson learned.

So, instead of enjoying a hard 45 miles on the bike with the Addiscombe Cycling Club I've done the weekly shop. Woohoo that's might think? Well I took my Ipod and wandered up and down the aisles in a blissful state, listening to an excellent random music mix including The Clash, Franz Ferdinand, Massive Attack, Groove Armada and the pianist Daniel Varsano. The fruit and veg has not looked so colourful and interesting in here for a long while. With a little twist I made a mundane activity so much more engaging. Going to make a delicious prawn & leek risotto for lunch.

Muscle-wise I hope things realign and knit back very soon otherwise the ESCA 50 mile time trial next weekend may be my first Did Not Start of the season. This is an important race in the build up to the SCCU 50 at the end of June, which will contribute to my season goal of completing the SCCU Best All Rounder competition and improving last year's average speed by at least 15%.
Hoping to make it up to the Smithfield Nocturne this evening, more ibuprofen anyone?

Take it easy - I intend to.


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