Monday, 9 June 2008

How to be in Two Places at Once

I read this in the paper today:

"My mother died five years ago, and I have her ashes in a plastic bag in the attic. The time has come to scatter them, but my sister wants to scatter them in New York where she had a house - and I want to scatter them in Hyde Park, where my mother loved to walk. It seems awful to divide her in half. Can you suggest anything?"

In response, I've just emailed in the following "advice":

"On the one hand you think it would be awful to scatter your late Mum’s ashes in two places with which she had a strong connection, yet it’s OK to leave her tied up in a plastic bag in the attic for five years? Whilst alive most folk would love to be in two places at once. Now she’s passed away, you and your sister can make that a reality for your Mum. When my Gran died we saw to it that she went to as many places that she had loved as we could manage. These range from the River Dee to my vegetable patch and many more places in between. A permanent residence in New York and Hyde Park sounds rather grand – go for it!"

Whaddya think - can I cut it as an agony aunt?

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