Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Cake Baker Extreme

Thanks to a broken down train I spent a vaguely enjoyable 20 minutes sitting in a carriage just outside West Croydon station today. For entertainment I had several copies of The Metro. Normally I wouldn't even sully my backside by using this drivel as bog paper but, needs must!

I found this in there (the Metro - not the lav), and I kinda liked it:

China: A husband has left his wife after she forced him to eat cake for every meal. Cheng Yu said he was happy with the sugary treats at first but now just mentioning the word cake made him feel ill. "Egg cake (whuh??), fruit cake, chocolate cake. I felt like a bakery dustbin" he said. The 31 year old from Beijing has threatened to divorce Tian Mae, 27, if she doesn't stop baking.

I reckon she should've married a cyclist.

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