Sunday, 1 February 2009

King For a Day? Plank for a Minute!

So, turns out I've been sneaking in a bit of pilates homework...

Yesterday early evening I found a quiet half hour in between bicycle fiddling, child party drop off/pick up, window cill varnishing duties.

Out came the mat and I spent the first few minutes feeling weirdly embarrassed (don't get that in class, only when flying solo). I was soon into the flow, pelvis tilting, mat thrusting and ab tightening with the best of 'em.

Lots of sit ups, feeling ribs slide, breaking at the breastbone (I think that's what Adam says). Good session of hamstring and inner wotsit stretches. Hard work feel the burn.

Then, the big finale. With trepidation I lie down on the mat. Fists balled I push up into the plank. A couple of weeks ago I managed 50 seconds of this, it hurts. Can I break the magic minute mark?

First 20 seconds goes by OK (ish) then it's a watch the clock but not too hard blur concentrate hold steady don't wobble ohmygod is that really only 40 seconds blimey how can this possibly hurt so much I'll never make it 50 seconds show no fear hold it hold it hold it aaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggghh!

61 seconds. Plank for a minute, king for a day!



Adam Murby said...

Now that is heart warming stuff for a Pilates teacher to read.

By the way, it's 'hinge' or 'fold'. Not 'break at the breastbone!'.

snoopdoug said...

Yeeeesss, see what you you come to mention it :)

Ade Merckx, said...

Oi! when do we get to hear about some real training - like on that new bike ya got... lol!!!